Arab 30

Egyptian Federation for Scouts

Participated at thirteen Arab Scouts Camp sept.1, 2012 in the organization team (Development Village), Alexandria.

(Team working)

As a committee member of the Development village. I recently worked with the other members to organize a Scouts Camp. Our aim was to run some workshops for young scouts. The group met initially to plan and allocate tasks. My role was to organize young scouts for each workshop efficiently in order to didn't let any workshop empty . I established a plan for this task with a time-line of what I had to do and by when. I contacted every one responsible for workshops and set up a plan to make the instructors busy as possible to save time for both. Our group met daily to discuss progress and stayed in touch with the over all committees . This ensured that if one team member was having problems completing their tasks on time then others could provide additional support.
The camp was a great success with very positive feedback from the scouts and leaders of each country participated. The team members said that they appreciated me taking on the task of organizing scouts, as this was something that is too hard to do.