Friday, 29 August 2014


STS-Med Training program for professionals
29-8-2014 to 2-9-2014 
Program Outline:
The program focuses on concentrating solar multi-generation plants with simultaneous production of electricity, heating, cooling, and desalination.
Course objective
The course enables to work in the field of design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of concentrating solar multi-generation plants.

Course Out lines
·   Some technical perspectives of solar energy systems
-Basics of electric systems
-Basics of electrical machines (Motors & Generators)  
-Loads characteristics and forecasting
·   The definition of solar energy and how it works
-Solar radiation and solar angles
-Different applications of solar energy
·   Introduction to solar thermal concentrating Technologies
-Different types of concentrating solar collectors
-Parabolic trough concentrator PTC
·   Basic components of CSP systems and multi-generation plants (ORC, Chiller, Control)
-Organic Rankine Cycle and power modules, Absorption chillers
·   Concentrating solar thermal multi-generation plants, state of art and new development
-State of the art of multi-generation concentrating solar plants
-New developments and innovations, success stories of CSP plants in the Med region , experience from running plants.
-Analysis and performance of solar thermal systems (solar collectors, storage, ORC, chiller)
-Design tools for CS systems (TRNSYS, EES, Solar Advisor Model)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

What do engineers do? What makes an engineer good at what they do? Engineering is not like the physical sciences, or mathematics, or computer science, even though it does depend on all three areas. Engineers generally need to make decisions that incorporate different types of knowledge in well-synthesized decisions; they are ultimately responsible for those decisions as well. Hence, although engineering is partially about technical competence, it is even more so about judgment based on that technical competence.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Light Traffic (Mechatronics Automation Project) PLC
 Ladder logic is an instruction standard used in automation technology. Basically a ladder diagram is a virtual relay logic circuit.
  I wrote a ladder diagram for a traffic light, and tested it on my LG PLC.

Input - output setting:

STOP (P01)
SENSOR 1 (P04)
SENSOR 2 (P05)
SENSOR 3 (P06)
SENSOR 4 (P07)
RED 1 (P40)
RED 2 (P42)
GREEN 1 (P41)
GREEN 2 (P43)

I0.0 - mode selector
I0.1, I0.2 - car in waiting sensors (with mode selector off)
I0.3, I0.4 - walker request
I0.5 - Warning sensors (Car crossing when light is red)
 Q0.0, Q0.3 - green light
Q0.1, Q0.4 - yellow light
Q0.2, Q0.5 - red light
Q0.6, Q0.7 - Blue light (Alert)

Friday, 16 November 2012

 Scouts of the World Award

Participated at first stage Al Zaranic Camp 2012 ,as an Assistant leader.


Participated at second stage Al Resa Camp 2012 ,as a Trainer.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

  A trainee in Sinai White Portland Cement Co. for 2 weeks, 2012.
Sinai White Portland Cement Co. is a company of World's largest white cement player, Aalborg Portland Group who is the subsidiary of Italian Cementir Holding SpA. Sinai White Cement is the main cement producer in Egypt and the world's largest white cement plant. Sinai White Cement delivers quality products where the customer's needs come first.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Messenger Of Peace Arab Region
All over the world, Scouts are running projects that help people. They solve conflicts in school by preventing bullying, lead peer education programs, help the poor and the hungry, create solutions to environmental problems, and run countless other service projects. Messengers of Peace is the initiative that brings all of this work together.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Participated at thirteen Arab Scouts Camp sept.1, 2012 in the organization team (development village), Alexandria.

Egyptian Federation for Scouts