The PMP  identifies several knowledge areas regarding the cost and scope of projects, and other comprehensive aspects of project management. Individual questions address elements of each of these areas in order to prepare test takers for real-world project management situations.

  1. The Project Management Framework embodies a project life cycle and five major project management Process Groups:
  2. Initiating.
  3. Planning.
  4. Executing.
  5. Monitoring and Controlling.
  6. Closing.
encompassing a total of 47 processes.
Mapped to these five process groups are ten project management Knowledge Areas:
  1. Project Integration Management
  2. Project Scope Management
  3. Project Time Management
  4. Project Cost Management
  5. Project Quality Management
  6. Project Human Resource Management
  7. Project Communications Management
  8. Project Risk Management
  9. Project Procurement Management
  10. Project Stakeholder Management