STS-Med Training program for professionals
29-8-2014 to 2-9-2014 
The program focuses on concentrating solar multi-generation plants with simultaneous production of electricity, heating, cooling, and desalination.
Course Out lines
·   Some technical perspectives of solar energy systems
-Basics of electric systems
-Basics of electrical machines (Motors & Generators)  
-Loads characteristics and forecasting
·   The definition of solar energy and how it works
-Solar radiation and solar angles
-Different applications of solar energy
·   Introduction to solar thermal concentrating Technologies
-Different types of concentrating solar collectors
-Parabolic trough concentrator PTC
·   Basic components of CSP systems and multi-generation plants (ORC, Chiller, Control)
-Organic Rankine Cycle and power modules, Absorption chillers
·   Concentrating solar thermal multi-generation plants, state of art and new development
-State of the art of multi-generation concentrating solar plants
-New developments and innovations, success stories of CSP plants in the Med region , experience from running plants.
-Analysis and performance of solar thermal systems (solar collectors, storage, ORC, chiller)
-Design tools for CS systems (TRNSYS, EES, Solar Advisor Model)